Makeup tips for girls with glasses

The perfect way to look amazing with your glasses

Use makeup with glasses can be a problem for some girls, but the idea is find your funniest side and look very chic with these tips.

Say “no” to the dark circles

The glasses can create a shadow under your eyes and look like if you have dark circles. For this, the best option is use a good concealer to brighten the contour of the eye. Use a shade lighter than the rest of your skin.

Large lashes
The mascara can be your best friend when you use glasses. You have to use it on upper and lower lashes to highlight your eyes. It’s better if you apply a black mascara to create big volume and length.

Define your eyebrows
Define your brows is very important because the glasses use to cover them.  The idea is stand out them with a pencil or shadow for brows to define the arches and finish with a good brow gel.


Strong lips
Show the best part of your lips with a strong color to make them look bigger and brighter.

Show your best features
Add volume to your face with a taupe powder for your cheeks and the highlight then cheekbones with a pearly blush.

Powder your T-zone
The natural oil of your skin can make the glasses slide down your nose. For this, apply powder on your T-zone before leaving home and do regular touch-ups during the day.





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