Nails – March 2015

The spring is coming… Are you ready?


After my first winter in Toronto, i’m very desperate for the arrival of the spring this March. For this month, the bold colors and the glitter are the trend.


Bold colors: red, blue, green, yellow… are the best colors for this season. Very strong and funny.

Coral: this color in its different variants will look amazing in your nails. It’s a beautiful color, chic and sophisticated.

Pastels colors: you can choose a sky blue, baby pink or a spearmint color.

Violet:  from a lilac color to a deep purple, this color is one of the most used in these last months.

Nail Art

Glitters: use the glitter only the ring finger and in the others use a neutral color.


Floating negative space:  an edgy design which expose only an small area of the nail. It’s different and original.


Watercolor nails: a technique very cool and very soft.


Color block manicure: squares or triangles on your nails can look amazing this months with bold colors.



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