Makeup for night

Today is Saturday…. Use your best dress and go dance


The key for the makeup for night is that it has to be very intense, elegant and sophisticated. Also, it needs to cover the tiredness of a busy day at work or university, so the idea is show your most fun side of your personality.

Clean and moisturized
Before apply your makeup, is very important that your skin is totally clean.  For this you will need a facial tonic, a facial cleansing milk and a moisturizer  cream.

First, apply the facial cleansing milk over your face and remove it with water; then, apply the facial astringent tonic, try to use one without alcohol; finish with the moisturizer  cream and now you will have a clean face.

Give it texture
After clean your face, the next step is cover the imperfections with a foundation – which has to be of your same color skin, a concealer cream – a little lighter than your color skin – and a translucent powder.

Start using the concealer cream over the dark circles to cover them. Then, apply the foundation – choose one in cream because is tougher. The last step: apply the translucent powder with a makeup brush.

Perfect look
First, choose the color that you want to use. For night, the best colors are the grey, the black and the brown. However, you can use others like electric blue and a garnet and combine them with others neutral colors.

The best style is the smoky eyes, because it creates a deep and sexy look. See this tutorial of Maya Mia:

Lips ready to kiss
Your lips have to be the center of attention, but this doesn’t mean that you have to exaggerate them. The best colors are the fuchsia and raspberry. But if your eyes stand out to much, use other color for your mouth like pink or nude or use a gloss to give them volume.

It has to last all night! 
1. Always clean your face. Don’t apply the makeup if your face is dirty because you can get acne.

2. The foundation, the concealer cream and the face powder have to be applied with the correct makeup brush.

3. The rimmel mascara and the eye crayon have to be waterproof.

4. Use the foundation over the eyelids. With this the eyes shadow will last longer.

5. To avoid apply the gloss all the time, use a matte lipstick, because it will stay longer.

5. Use a setting spray after finish your makeup and it’ll last all night.



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