3 makeup styles for Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day is coming… Are you ready?



Doesn’t matter if you’re gonna celebrate this day with your boyfriend or with your best friends, you have to look beautiful.

I’ve been searching a little bit about the trends for the valentine’s day and i have these three amazing ideas for you girls.

Classic Hollywood Style

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Eyes: the cat-flick eyeliner and a large eyes lash will be the key for this look. It’ll create a beautiful look.
Lips: use a soft red, a baby pink or a fuchsia lipstick for this makeup.

Simple and romantic

Eyes: use a sneaky Liner Trick. You can play with some eye shadow, but have to be very simple.
Lips: use gloss to make your lips shining. The perfect color will be the coral or the pink.

Natural but beautiful


Eyes: use only a rimmel for your eyes slash. Forget the eye shadow and the eye liner.
Lips: a soft pink will look amazing in this look with gloss to give them shine.


5 thoughts on “3 makeup styles for Valentine’s Day

  1. I’m single for every Valentine’s Day and I never got anything as a gift so this year won’t be anything too, but I’ll look beautiful for myself xD Love the looks! :))

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