Nails – Feb 2015

Our hands say everything about us, so is good and important have our nails always perfect. 


For this month, February, the most trend is the neutral colors – like the black, dark blue, purple and red – and the nail art with the glitter and degraded.

Neutral Colors

Black: you can use this color on your nails and combine it with gold or silver. Your hands will look very elegant all the time.

Dark Blue: an elegant color that will look pretty awesome. You can use it metallic or without shining.

Purple: violet, dark purple or or orchid color… All these colors will make that your hands look amazing and sophisticated.

Red: it has always been the traditional color. Elegant, sophisticated and looks incredible with whatever you wear. You will show passion and love with it.

Nail Art

Stripes: can be horizontals, verticals and diagonals, this style has been a trend for a long time and it still is with new designs.

Degraded: The funniest part of this style is that you can play with two or more color or use some glitz to create a shining degraded.

Half Moon: is a new style that it has been using in the last few month. It just about paint with another color the nail half moon. It’s super cool and fun.

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