Facial treatments according to your age – from 20 to 50 years old

Take care of your face since age 20 and prevents the early appearance of wrinkles.



The care of your skin is important in any age, but that doesn’t mean that you can apply any treatment because it can’t be the appropriate.

Today there’s a lot of alternative that exist and which are perfect for our skin. Know each one of these facials treatments that you can try according to your age.

The 20s
If you are in your 20s, is time to start to take care of your skin. At this age the most important is the hygiene of the skin. It can appear stains, the first wrinkles and the sequelae of juvenile acne.

It is recommended the facial cleansing and use creams and moisturizing masks. You can try with the peeling to remove the stains and the  microdermabrasion, which exfoliates the outer layer of the skin.

The 30s
In your 30s, the skin start to lose elasticity by lack of nutrients and antioxidants, reason why is important take care of what you eat.

You can start or continue with the microdermabrasion, facial cleansing and moisturizing masks. Also, you can get laser treatments to remove stains; the radio frequency, which stimulate the creation of new collagen; and the skin rehydration, for stimulate the production of collagen and prevent the skin aging.

The 40s
Forget the wrinkles! Even when there is loss of facial volume, you can try some treatments like the facial anti aging (PRGF), which is inject your own blood plasma, that is subjected to a process that separates the different components and extracts the plasma rich in growth factors, and then is injected into the face and neck to regenerate tissues.

Other kind of treatments are the Facial Mesoplasty, which restructure and balance the volumes of the face and obtaining a smooth skin and botulinum toxin, which eliminates the facial expression wrinkles.

The 50s
At your 50s, there’s a lot of hormonal changes that cause the accelerated the aging. The creams can keep your skin hydrated, but try to use creams according to your age.

Also you can try the Facial Mesoplasty in your 50s. It’s a good option because reduces the sagging and regenerates and hydrates the skin, and the radio frequency, that treats the sagging facial. The facial fillers is another technique that removes wrinkles.


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