Moon phases and the haircut

Have you ever heard about cut your hair according to the moon phases?


Some people think that the moon have influence over the earth movements, and their phases have some influence in a haircut.

Know about each phase and think about which is the perfect moment to cut your hair  if you want it to grow strong and beautiful.

New Moon
Also called “Moon harmful”, you can’t see the moon in the sky, because is the moment when it’s between the sun and earth.

This is a bad season to cut your hair because the hair fibers are weak,and causes loss. For this reason is better don’t cut it when the moon is at this stage.

However, you can do some nourishing and regenerative treatments, because them will absorb better and will be perfect for this season where the hair is damaged more.

First Quater
This phase is the perfect to cut your hair and make it grow very fast and strong. Cut it one day before or the same first day of this season.

The perfect hours for cut your hair are the 12 o’clock of midday and the 6 o’clock of the afternoon, because there are just those times when there is a large progressive increase of the lunar attraction.

Full Moon
Cut your hair in a stylish way when the moon is full. Is the perfect moment to do make a big change of look and repair the damaged hair, because grow fast, healthy, shining and strong.

You can do this at 6 o’clock in the morning and 12 o’clock of midday, the day before or the first day of the season.

Third quater
If your hair is too abundant, have too much volume and is annoying for you, this stage is the perfect for you because won’t grow so fast and the form will last much longer.

The idea is cut the hair between the 6 o’clock in the morning to 12 o’clock of midday, because it holds the descent of the lunar attraction.  Also, do it the day before or the first day of this moon phase.


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