Foods that whiten teeth

Say goodbye to coffee and red wine that leave your teeth yellow


Some food produce stains on your teeth and make them look yellow, but there’s others who are in your favor, because can make them look white and radiant.

Remember that with these foods you must maintain a good cleaning and give them the proper care to your teeth.

Raw vegetables
The celery, the carrot and the radish are some of the vegetables that can make your teeth look whiter and brilliants, because they remove traces of other foods that cause stains.

Also, them clean teeth, provide vitamin C, protect the gums and fight against the gingivitis.

Use the apple to your favor. This is a cleaner fruit of dental plaque and polishes teeth and gum. Maintains white teeth and increases the production of saliva, making that there’s no bad breath and protect oral health.

Citrus fruits
Some citrus fruits like the orange and lemon are rich in vitamin C, which produce whiteness and dental cleaning.

A option is mix lemon juice with sodium bicarbonate and clean your teeth with this preparation.

The strawberries are not only delicious, they are too a good whiten teeth because it contains malic acid, a natural enzyme that has great properties that fulfill the function of keeping your teeth white and healthy color.

If you are a grapes lover, you can use them for your own benefit. This fruit can whiten your teeth thanks to the malic acid that contain, like the strawberries, and reduce the stains and the discolorations.

Some lacteal products like the cheese, have a high content of calcium and phosphorus to neutralize the acid and replenish the tooth enamel.

Also, the milk and the yogurt clean your gum and care of it because them containing lactic acid.


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