Tips for choosing and applying the gloss

As women, we love the shining lipsticks and in all the colors, but… Do you think you use your gloss the right way?


Since the 70s, the gloss has been famous thanks to its texture and shinning, what it does that our lips looks amazing.

Choose the color can be easy, but sometimes we can make some mistakes. You have to know first your skin color, the color of shadow on your eyes, the season and the trend of the moment.

The color
You can find gloss in a lot of colors, variations and tones. The transparents gloss, provide a natural and intense brightness to our lips, makes them look fuller. But the ones that has color, give life and make us look more glamorous.

Brightness types
There are two brightness types: Ultra-bright, which it gives to our lips an extra brightness and it makes that have a moisture effect; and the metallics, which have some copper and gold and give to the lips an frosty effect.

Types of tones
Every gloss has a particular tone: pastels tones, which make our lips look more natural and sweets; alive tones , like the orange or pink, give us a happy and young aspect; dark tones, like the chocolate or red, make you look sexy and sophisticated; and the mixed tones, like a pink with an orange.

Skin color
Your skin color is important, because you have to know the tone of the gloss that is perfect for you. If you are brunette, the orange, coral or apricot are the ideal, but if you are blond, chose sweets tones, like the peach, soft pink or beige.

Type of lips
If your lips are thin, paint the edge with a pencil of your natural lip tone to make them look bigger. Give them volume with a pearly gloss and put a tone clearer in the middle.

But if you have thick lips, any discreet gloss will make them stand out. The alive tones and the dark ones will give them sensuality. 

More tips
You need to have smooth lips because the gloss has to slide well. You can exfoliate with an exfoliating balm or buy specific products.

Besides, considers the makeup on your eyes. If you decided use a gloss, avoid the brilliant shadows during the day, but at night can be good.


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