Natural and Pretty

Show your natural beauty


Almost all women love use a lot of make up, but with a natural make up you can show better your real beauty.

For a natural look you have to forget about the eyeliner and the face foundations. The idea is make that the most of the people envy your perfect skin.

Clean skin
The hydration is the most important for have the skin clean, fresh, perfect and ready for the make up. You can use an scrub cream or an oil-free moisturizer.

Remember: if you want a clean skin, you have to clean your face in the morning and at night.

Bye bye foundations
For a natural look, you must forget use foundations. The idea is use a concealer cream. With this, your skin will obtain the moisture that needs and, at the same time, will cover all the imperfections. 

If you have oil skin, you can apply a little bit of face powder. After, put on it bronzer over the cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and neck. With this, you’ll give a warm touch to your face.

Perfect eyes
You can apply eye shadow, but the only color that you have to use is the nude (remember: the rule is look natural). But the key for the perfect eyes are the eyelash. Apply rimmel up and down, but just a little bit.

About the eyebrows, forget about painting them with a pencil or eyeshadow eyebrow, use a transparent gel to give them the right way.

Amazing lips
Your natural lips color will be your guide. Put on it a transparent gloss, this will give them volume and will look perfect.

Extra Tip
If you think that you look pale, use a blush, but try to find one that looks very natural and has to be in cream. Apply it over the cheekbones of the face.

Other option is pinch your cheeks and you’ll see how come out a natural blush.


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