Short or long hair for your type of face?

New year, new look… Why not?

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Cut your hair is not always a easy decision, but sometimes make a change is really good. Before decide what kind of cut is the best for you, you have to consider first your type of face.

Round Face
If you have round face, you have to forget about use short hair, so let it grow up and don’t cut it.


The long hair will lengthen your face and you can play with some layers and fringes long and asymmetric.

Oval Face
The girls with oval face are very lucky, because they can use long or short hair.

"Machete" - Photocall: 67th Venice Film Festival

Your face always looks very  proportional and any kind of cut will be perfect.

Square Face
If this is your case, the long hair is the one.


The long hair will soft face and frame your hair. But you can use it too at the shoulders  height or longer.

Heart Face
The perfect cut for you is the short hair.


It will help you to look amazing, but you can use it too long.

Diamond Face
The short and long hair will be really good for you.


However, the long hair will looks so much better.



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